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Jul 18, 2011 4:00pm PDT
brooks was arrested, and now all eyes are on james murdock and not so heir apparent, admits to paying $1 million to a soccer star whose phone was illegally hacked. >> there was a particular settlement i authorized and said was made with information that was incomplete. i acted on advice of lawyers within complete investigation. that is a matter of real regret for me. and this could have repercussions in the ugs us, home to more than half of the $33 billion murdock media empire, including fox tv and fox news. >> there is a clause in the regulations for tv stations is that you have to be certified to be of good character. >> tuesday, rupert murdock, james murdock and rebecca brooks will appear before a committee of the british house of commons to answer questions. this is the first time they've spoken about the scandal since it broke. it's certain to be yet another dramatic day here. >> and time for a check of weather. >> there is some bumps up and down this week. we started with sunny skies in the coast and it was a mild day at the coast z now, low clouds and fog are beginning to redevelo
Jul 15, 2011 4:00pm PDT
chief of the papers rebecca brooks resigned today. murdock afollow pol jized to the family of a murdered school girl whose phone was hakd by the tabloid news of the world. >> i was apalled to find out what happened. >> i apologize. >> the scandal is knocked billions off the value of his news corps and torpeedoed plans to take over a major british tv network. >> frightening moments for passengers. two planes collided at logan airport. investigators say the planes bumped before take off. the left wing of the delta clipped the tail section of a smaller delta commuter plane. passengers evacuated from both planes. >> some people were freaking out. the girl next to me was crying and another guy was trying to jump out of the emergency exit. >> the faa and national transportation safety board are both looking into this incident. >> coming up, the surprise bid for bay area-based clorox from one of its own shareholder autos and local students pitching in to weed out plants that could stop an endangered butterfly from thriving. >> the plot to keep potter mania going long after the last film vanishe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2